REferrals and Observations

"a subtle elegance that transcends the art of design"

In Atron's work I find a subtle elegance that transcends the art of design into a deeper relationship with the space. He "sees" what's there and then transforms it into an environment that is warm and welcoming without being badgered by an ego. His work is the pure enjoyment of being. Life is good. And so is he.

"Very inviting, peaceful abode..."

Thanks for your friendship and wonderful talent! You made my home into a very inviting, peaceful abode!

"I love my new home"

Thank you for all you have done. I *love* my new home.

"A peaceful retreat..."

Thank you again for designing my living room; it is exactly what I wanted -- a peaceful retreat from my hectic life! The painting is perfect, too, and I appreciate you letting me know about it (and hanging it for me!)

"the realtors would enter and say 'Wow! This IS nice!'"

Thank you, thank you for your decorating and designing in our home. As we were getting the house ready for sale the realtors would enter and say "Wow! This IS nice!" The wallpaper, the rugs, lights, drapes, the kitchen - everything was beautiful and delightful to live with every day. No wonder the house sold in only 3 days - for more than she thought we would get in two months!

"He is refreshingly positive and enthusiastic about his work"

I initially worked with Atron on my living room. I felt it was important to have a living area that looked professionally put together without looking overdone. Atron not only helped me achieve the look I wanted, he also provided me with an excellent education in color composition, fabric selection, upholstery and drapery styles. I never felt he was imposing his tastes on me, but rather he was enabling me to clarify mine. He is refreshingly positive and enthusiastic about his work, an attitude he readily communicates to his clients. His pleasant personality is complemented by his sound business practices. He was always accurate with his estimates; he worked within my budget; he was always prompt with our appointments; he followed through on every detail. He took a great deal of pride in his work, which he endorsed with the highest professional standards.

"A real sanctuary for rest and relaxation"

Project complete! My best thanks to you for your commitment to the process and the project. I have truly enjoyed your able, encouraging and cheerful help. And yes, you always make me laugh! Thank you for helping me make an ordinary bedroom into a real sanctuary for rest and relaxation.